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MerkiNile Media

Filmmakers : Videographers : Producers : Video Editors: Website Designers



There is wisdom in wanting to know more.

MerkiNile Media provides video production services, website design, film production, logo design, commercial and promo video production in Memphis Tennessee. Our company can help promote and provide solutions to market your brand through video, website design, and film.
As a minority owned small business, MerkiNile Media is committed to ensuring that every video project is conceptualized and delivered with excellence. MerkiNile Media, brings creative and innovate store telling to each client through creating individualized packages to suit your goals.

An Independent filmmaker and founder of Merkinile Media, Emmanuel Amido is the recipient of the Audience Choice Award (2015), Soul of Southern Film Award (2013/2015) and nominated for the Emmett O’Ryan Award for Artistic Inspiration.

Amido utilizes the art of film in story telling to connect audience to an idea. A foundation upon which MerkiNile Media is laid.

His interest in filmmaking began when his mother bought a digital camcorder. “During birthday parties and events, I always wanted to be the one holding the camera. I loved it. That’s when I decided I was going to do this for a living.”


Sometimes you have to create the team you want to be a part of.

Mike Robbins

Managing Partner, Producer, & Operations Director

Jennifer Amido

Chief Website Designer

Emmanuel Amido

Founder, Managing Partner, & Creative Director


When one loves one’s Art no service seems too hard.

Complete Film/Video Production

We take video projects from inception all the way through to final delivery. This can include conceptualizing and planning, scripting, story-boarding, crewing and shoot planning, filming, editing, color grading, delivery and project management.

Freelance Production

As well as working directly with clients, our staff also work on a freelance, contract basis as, cameraman, producers, video editors and website designers. We regularly film and edit for schools, nonprofits, companies, and other agencies. We always enjoy being part of a larger team and love to use our expertise to make your clients happy.

Website Design & Implementation

We take care of the design elements, layouts, color schemes, video on your page, or any other content. We can work together to finalize the content and we guarantee to make your website aesthetically functional as well as responsive.

Film Production

Just one of the many talents of our founder, Emmanuel Amido has a keen eye for filming full length feature films. Let him be your next director and/or producer. Just check out a few of his awards (About Section), and then scroll over to watch one of his feature films.


Showing off work is just what artist like to do, just click on a few of the videos to see some of our work


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